CFA Level 2 Study Plan 4-5-6 Months (Excel Study Planner)

CFA Level 2 Study Plan for 4 Months, 5 Months and 6 Months Study Plan has been provided below based on inputs from Prof.Racheal. CFA Level 2 Exam has a total of 10 Topics, out of which ‘Equity’ has the highest Marks Weight. Before you go through the study plan, we would recommend you to read our earlier article on CFA LEVEL 2 STUDY PLAN  and CFA LEVEL 2 EXAM DATE



In this CFA Level 2 Study Plan, you need to spend more time on Important Topics like Ethics, Quantitative Methods and Financial Reporting. There are certain easy topics in CFA Level 2 like Corporate Finance and Equity Investments which requires less amount of time.

CFA Level 2 Study Plan 4 Months

Portfolio Management6 days
Corporate Finance8 days
Quantitative Methods10 days
Financial Reporting and Analysis18 days
Equity Investments20 days
Fixed Income Investments15 days
Derivative Investments12 days
Economics8 days
Ethics12 days
Alternative Investments10 days

CFA Level 2 Study Plan 5 Months

Portfolio Management7 days
Corporate Finance10 days
Quantitative Methods12 days
Financial Reporting and Analysis24 days
Equity Investments28 days
Fixed Income Investments18 days
Derivative Investments15 days
Economics10 days
Ethics15 days
Alternative Investments12 days

CFA Level 2 Study Plan 6 Months

Portfolio Management10 days
Corporate Finance10 days
Quantitative Methods12 days
Financial Reporting and Analysis24 days
Equity Investments30 days
Fixed Income Investments25 days
Derivative Investments18 days
Economics12 days
Ethics18 days
Alternative Investments15 days

How is CFA Certificate valued across the Globe

The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter is an investment credential that, for more than 60 years, has been the global standard for embodying the integrity, dedication, and advanced skills needed to build a stronger, more accountable financial industry.

No credential is as widely respected for its focus on current investment expertise and performing in the client’s best interest. None is harder to obtain.

Is it recommended to study both FRM and CFA?

If you are in senior management guiding people in both financial analysis and risk management domains, you would be able to assess the quality of works in both the departments. The benefits are expected to accrue only in senior management roles if one possess both CFA and FRM

Financial Analyst is always with empowered with risk assessment skills. I sincerely believe CFA covers more ground than FRM in Finance and Economics, but FRM is a mile deep when it comes to assessing risks. FRM employs mathematics as a tool to forecast potential risks.

Importance of ‘Practice’ in CFA Level 2 Study Plan

you are not going to pass the exam if you read only. The truth of the matter is that it is a practical exam. You will learn, remember and get the required exam rhythm by doing exercises. Of course that you have to memorize some theoretical concepts, but you don’t do that at the beginning (like ethics, and even in ethics you need to do a lot of exercises). You have to test yourself with exercises.

The most important are the mock exam. If you get a package like Schweser you’ll have 6 mock exams. You should be able, at the end of your preparation, to do 3 mock exams with “real exam conditions”, that is: strictly by clock, two blocks of three hours, no materials, no google, no phone, with the approved calculator and pencils, no interruptions. The most similar to the real exam conditions.

You should be getting more than 70% correct answers. If you need additional exercises, you could get also Schweser’s Qbank (but they are not as good as the mock exams). Disclaimer: I don’t work or have any type of commercial relationship with Schweser, I just used their materials and liked them.

Conclusion : CFA Level 2 Study Plan

This Article detailing out the Study Plan for CFA Level 2 Exam is not exhaustive. Students are recommended to prepare their own Study Planner. If you have any further questions on the Study Plan provided above. post your question in the comments section below.

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