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Part I : To provide expert knowledge in Foreign Exchange Management and
Part II : To provide expert knowledge in Competition Law.
Part III : To provide working knowledge in Business and Commercial Laws.
Detailed Contents
Part I
Foreign Exchange Management & NBFCs (40 Marks)
1. Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934: Central Banking functions; Monetary policy;
2. Foreign Exchange Management Act, 1999 : Introduction
3. Foreign Exchange Transactions & Compliances : Current and Capital Account
Transactions; Acquisition & Transfer of Immovable Property in India and Abroad;
Realization and Repatriation of Foreign Exchange; Brief information of other FEMA
4. Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 : Introduction and Object, Eligible
Contributor, Eligible Receiver, Registration, Offences and Penalties.
5. Foreign Direct Investments – Regulations & FDI Policy : Automatic and Approval
Route of FDI; Setting up of Subsidiary/Joint Venture/Liaison Office/ Branch Office
by Non-residents; Foreign Portfolio Investments.
6. Overseas Direct Investment: ODI Policy, foreign currency remittances, Setting
up of Subsidiary/Joint Venture/Branch Office.
7. Liberalized Remittance Scheme : Investment Outside India by Indian Residents.
8. External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) : An Overview.
9. Foreign Trade Policy & Procedure : Merchandise Exports from India Scheme
(MEIS); Service Exports from India Scheme (SEIS); Duty exemption / remission
schemes; Export oriented units (EOUS); Electronics Hardware Technology Parks
(EHTPS); Software Technology Parks (STPS); Bio-Technology Parks (BTPS). Imports
and related policies.
10. Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs): Definition; Types; Requirement of
Registration as NBFC and exemptions from registration as NBFC; Micro Finance
Institutions, Activities of NBFCs; Compliances by the NBFCs and requirements of
approvals of RBI; Deposit Accepting and Non-deposit Accepting NBFCs; Deemed
NBFC; Core Investment Company and Systemically Important Core Investment
Companies; Peer to Peer Lending; Defaults, Adjudication, prosecutions and
11. Special Economic Zones Act, 2005 : Establishment of Special Economic Zones;
Approval and Authorization to Operate SEZ; Setting up of Unit; Special Economic
Zone Authority.
Case Laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects
Part II
Competition Law (25 Marks)
12. Competition Act, 2002: Competition Policy ; Anti-Competitive Agreements; Abuse
of Dominant Position; Overview of Combination and Regulation of Combinations;
Competition Advocacy; Competition Commission of India; Appellate Tribunal.
Case Laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects
Part III
Business & Commercial Laws (35 Marks)
Consumer Protection
13. Consumer Protection Act, 1986 : Consumer Protection in India; Rights of
Consumers; Consumer Dispute Redressal Forums; Nature and Scope of Remedies.
14. Essential Commodities Act, 1955 : Essential Commodities; Powers of Central
Government; Authorities responsible to administer the Act; Delegation of powers;
Nature of Order passed under the Act; Seizure and Confiscation of Essential
Commodities; Offences by Companies.
15. Legal Metrology Act, 2009 : Standard weights and measures; Power of inspection,
seizure; Declarations on pre-packaged commodities; Offences and penalties.
Property Law
16. Transfer of Property Act, 1882 : Types of Properties; Properties which cannot be
Transferred; Rule Against Perpetuities; Lis Pendens; Provisions Relating to Sale;
Mortgage, Charge, Lease, Gift and Actionable Claim; Specific Performance.
17. Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016: Registration of Real Estate
Project; Real Estate Agents; Real Estate Regulatory Authority; Central Advisory
Council; The Real Estate Appellate Tribunal; Offences, Penalties and Adjudication.
Specimen Agreement for Sale between the Promoter and the Allottee; Due Diligence
Anti-Corruption Laws
18. Benami Transaction Prohibitions (Act): Benami Property; Benami Transaction,
Prohibition of Benami Transaction; Authority, Adjudication of Benami property.
19. Prevention of Money Laundering: Problem and adverse effect of money
laundering; Methods of money laundering; Offence of money laundering;
Attachment, adjudication and confiscation.
Business Laws
20. Indian Contracts Act, 1872: Essential elements of a Valid Contract; Indemnity and
Guarantee; Bailment and Pledge; Law of Agency; E-Contract; Landmark judgments.
21. Specific Relief Act, 1963: Specific reliefs and defense; specific performance and
defense; unenforceable contracts; Rescission of Contracts; Cancellation of
Instruments; Declaratory Decrees; Preventive Reliefs.
22. Sale of Goods Act, 1930: Essentials of a Contract of Sale; Sale Distinguished from
Agreement to Sell, Bailment, Contract for Work and Labour and Hire-Purchase;
Conditions and Warranties; Doctrine of Caveat Emptor; Performance of the Contract
of Sale; Landmark judgments.
23. Partnership Act, 1932: Rights and Liabilities of Partners; Registration of Firms;
Dissolution of Firms and Partnership; Landmark judgments.
24. Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881: Negotiable Instruments and Parties; Material
Alteration; Crossing and bouncing of Cheques; Dishonour of Cheques & its
Remedies; Presumption of Law as to Negotiable Instruments; Landmark judgments.
Case Laws, Case Studies & Practical Aspects

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