International business laws and practices video classes and syllabus

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Detailed Contents:
1. Introduction
– International Business – Nature and Scope, – Globalization – Meaning, Levels, Merits, Limitations and irreversibility of Globalization
– Need to go global – Internationalization Decisions (entry modes) – SEZ features
2. International B
– International Commercial Arbitration-Shipment and Post Shipment Finance
– SEZ-Incentives and Benefits – Method of Realizing Export Payments and Ensuring Guaranteed Export Payment – Central Excise Clearance Formalities – Customs Regulations and Clearance Formalities for Exports & Imports – Duty Draw Back Claims Procedure
– Foreign Trade Financing – Export & Import – Foreign Exchange Risk Management – International Credit Management – Warehousing
– Instruments of Trade Policy and India’s Trade Policy
5. International Trade and Regional Economic Integration
– Theory – Mercantilism, absolute advantage and comparative advantage
– Trends in Global Trade
– Trends in India’s Trade
– Types of Regional Economic Integration – Free Trade Area, Custom Union, Common Market, Economic
Union, Monitory Union and Political Union etc. – Trading Blocks- ASEAN,SAFTA,SAARC,NAFTA,EU
6. Institutional Environment – Pre WTO Scenario, difference between GATT and WTO
– Trade Related Institutions – WTO and UNCTAD
– WTO – Basic Principles, various agreements, Functions and Areas of Operations, Dispute Settlement
Mechanism (rules and procedures) – IMF, IBRD, ADB
– Commodity Agreements
7. Anti-Dumping Duties
– WTO Provisions on Anti-Dumping-, Anti-Dumping Duties, Procedure and Developments – Regulatory Framework for Anti Dumping in India
– Recent Anti Dumping Cases in India
8. Subsidies and Countervailing Duties
– WTO Provisions – Administration
– Procedure and Emerging Trends – Regulatory Framework for Subsidies & Countervailing duties in India
– Doha Development Round
9. Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures
– Foreign Direct Investment Policy, Industrial Policy – Kinds of Collaboration and Joint Ventures – Drafting of Agreement – Restrictive Clauses in the Foreign Collaboration/Joint Venture Agreements – International Commercial Arbitration
10. Strategic Alliances
– Meaning, Rationale, Types, Trends in Alliances in New Competitive Environment, Strategic Alliance
Failures, Managing Strategic Alliances.
11. Logistics Management – Logistics Framework- Concept, Objective and Scope
– Transportation, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Packing and Unitization, Control and
– Role of IT in Logistics, Logistics Service Firms and Third Party Logistics

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